The Flight – Original Poem

By the corner of my eye, I bear witness to this lovely stranger
Sophisticated in dress; skin soft as the morning sun
Our arms brush together as innocence finds intimacy

In a moment, fate places the role of cupid in an unfulfilled prophecy
Two hours by your side
Conversations played out in your head a hundred times over but fear handcuffs the first word

A glance over to see if eye contact can initiate this divine meeting
For a single instant our eyes meet
A feeling that stops time
Almost a sound echoes from this mouth
Just one word
One sentence and then the rest will flow like a river to the sea

Have I missed this chance at love?
Has my mind served as an anvil drowning me to the bottom of the ocean?

Release yourself and let the course of human interaction decide your future

Thirty thousand feet of freedom
The Earth below and love in the clouds

It is scripted for us, but we fear the audition

I close my eyes to soothe my confusion
Now relaxed; I am reborn
As I returned to my awakened state, I see the subtle seduction as her fingers brush her thigh
It sends tingles
But why?
She is a stranger but I have seen the story of our marriage

What a mystery this tapestry of mental stimulus

The plane is landing
Our romance must now end
Not a word spoken but a memory forever I will keep

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