Journey Into Night – Original Poem

The night sky dark and clear
A spectacle of stars fills the night sky
An Imax of universal proportions free of charge

Into the night to the chats of go west, a journey begins with one step and ends with closure

Two journeymen brought together by blood; torn by life’s choices
It is with wisdom and sacrifice they find common ground

Strength of will to guide them along the black abyss
Deeper into the darkness, clarity is found

In the moment of weary indecision a sign is thrust upon them
In a burst of hallucination and clairvoyance their mission is clear

A force, more powerful than time provides a spiritual sleigh to bring them home
Legs weak
Thoughts clouded
Wills nearly broken

The light of day rises from a blissful rest and brings vision to the blind
It is a warm blanket of comfort

Now the journeymen must rest
Lay their bodies down and replenish for this road is only begun

Another dawn; a welcome hug; a time for healing

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