Eternal Love – Original Poem

You are tattooed in my heart
The ink bleeds through my veins

You are my eternal love

The music that is harmonized by birds
The graffiti that fills the concrete jungle that is so focused on black and white
The inspiration not written in words; the hero not spoken about in speeches

You are my eternal love
Like a finely woven stitching that tapers off and returns to a perfect pattern of love and harmony

It is in you peace is a reality
It is in you I can once again dream
It is in you I find truth hidden under all the lies

Void of fear, you only seek solace in the tears of my loneliness
Comfort is waiting in your arms and whispered in the presence of angels

You are my eternal love
Now as I rest, my dreams and reality become one
My eyes will open soon to an angel by my side

A shower of illumination is the evidence of your presence walking toward me and easing all the pain

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