Why Not Here – Original Poem

If heaven can be anywhere, why not here
If the gates of eternal rest are a utopia formulated by faith and belief, why not here

A juxtaposition looking at heaven and earth side by side

How can we fear death if faith has led us to believe in this perfect infinite paradise of rest and redemption?

In a world saturated in laughter and love, we have found a place to call home

Born, adopted and discovered, we are surrounded by a circle of devotion, yet we continue to be infatuated by a journey we fight so hard to stop

We are on a collision course to inconclusiveness
A puzzle of unpredictability leaving behind a world of validity

Looking back we hold on tightly to the memories that have fortified our foundation
It was the mistakes that strengthened our will; the passion that made us feel; the triumphs that leaped us to the next level

How do you define heaven?
Why not here?
We live in a world created by the ruler of universe made up of beings formed by his hands

If this is the perfect habitation, why not here?

Birth is the beginning of the demise to the end
Philosophy will analyze; religion with set forth credence; love will soothe the unease but as the final moments arrive, ask yourself not are you ready, but why not here?

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