Dark Lust – Original Poem

It is a passion that never fades
A pursuit of perfection that is a shadow following in the thick night air
Hiding in corners
Whispering in alleys
Penetrating your soul with the deepest of desires

Close your eyes to reveal the colors of this manifestation
A rainbow of possibility lusting away all thoughts of innocence
It is a betrayal of the heart when no crime has been committed

Deeper into the trenches of the heart
Bitten by life’s sin
No blood loss only a loss of humanity

Adolescence lost
Wanton desire woken by the wolfs of sensuality
Senses numbed by the thirst of violation

Chastity broken by lewd sexuality
Demons with pitchforks poking and prodding at you
You run into the fog but swept into a bed of sexual rage

Tied down by thoughts so wicked, so wrought with damnation
Fiery motives take over
Action no longer resemble rational behavior

It is in you now
This thing
This being
This animal

The ravage is free to fly
Civility is buried in a tomb of white roses

One thought on “Dark Lust – Original Poem

  1. Hi you might like these poems by Australias leading erotic poet colin leslie dean

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