Nothing Else Matters – Original Poem

The moon more powerful than the sun for nothing else matters
Opening up deepens the wounds
Taking the risk only spreads the disease

Black is white
White is black
Death is no longer the solution

The face in the mirror is my greatest fear
It criticizes my weaknesses
It chokes on my pride
It sucks the air from the vacuum I live in

Break the glass, the reflection only grows stronger
Scream in silent tones as your ears fall to the deafening chords
Rip out your eyes and you will see through your skin to another dimension

Escape is futile
You cannot fly from this skin
You are trapped
Each morning the skin get tighter; the grip stronger

This body is full of poison slowly swimming in the veins and breaking down the organs racing to the heart
The heart is the ultimate victor for devil
In his hands he holds the prize as you pray for an end

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