My Addiction – Original Poem

You are my addiction
The drug I cannot get enough of
My inspiration in a world that needed a voice

You shouted from the roof tops a harmony of lullabies and rejoiced in the simplicity of lifes pleasures

Inhaling your wisdom is intoxicating
Absorbing the flow of you fumes releases a power so strong

On my own now
Remembrance of the teacher
From the inside out, you taught love
You allowed me to fall
As the bruises healed, the soul grew stronger

Refusal to accept the conquest of imagination was your weapon
The ideal dictator of a world without order, without war, without hate

You are the ultimate euphoria
Filling the cosmos with the potency of enchantment

A forest of unification
Brotherhood of man
Prejudice stricken dust to dust and left for ashes

You are my addiction

The reminder of purpose
The gatekeeper of humanity
The blessing of the divine being

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