Why you should see “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”

It is important to note that the commentary I am about to share is not agreed upon by my father of whom I shared my movie going experience with. Disagreeing with my father alone should be enough to see this film but there is more. Oh so much more.

Go see Seeking a Friend For The End of the World

It is not the adorable demeanor of Keira Knightley and the way her eyes open wide as she smiles and gives you that endearing look that makes you melt. It is not the pan dry humor of Steve Carell in a situation where the impending doom of the world is upon all of us. It is not the perfectly situated canine that adds just the right mix to this journey. It is not even the evolution of the humor transcending from uncertainly to lunacy to love that makes this a great sleeper hit. It isn’t even (spoiler alert…ok minor spoiler) the surprise of Martin Sheen as Steve Carell’s father that adds a special flare. It is the ability of writer and director Lorene Scafaria to take on the topic of the apocolyptic end of the earth as we know it and transfer it into a comedic and sentimental love story.

During the course of the film, the countdown to the end of the world is a constant in the backdrop of our minds, but what makes this movie so fascinating is how it utilizes irony and dry humor to take the audiences mind off of the climax and place it smack into the intimacy of the characters. Somewhere in this journey, the humor goes away and this becomes a story of discovery and love. It reminds us that in the face of disaster, the one thing we always have to count on is love.

As Dodge (Carell) and Penny (Knightley) each try to find closure before the end of the world, they begin to realize that what they found in each other were the answers they had been seeking. The world ending was a catalyst for two strangers finding the love they needed. In the end, they were both rescued. There is no last minute twist and the meteor shoots a thousand miles off course, but they were rescued from two lives that lost direction.

In each other, they found closure, love, togetherness and passion.

There is one moment, where Dodge and Penny stumble on a group of people looking for answers and direction and getting baptized in the ocean. During that afternoon, they laughed and shared stories with strangers. Children played and for a moment all these people that never would have come together found a moment of peace and a place in each others heart.

This is a very sentimental story that for most will have you shedding a few tears. It is also at the core a love story. I think that is what I took away in the end. Will some of you walk away wishing the world didn’t end so they had more time together? I am sure of it. I just hope you see the deeper message in this film.

Most importantly, I hope you see this film. You may even remind yourself of your love of vinyl.

Not many have witnessed this movie and it is one that in the middle of a summer of 3D and huge blockbusters can be easily missed.

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