The Boxer – Original Poem

A dreamer high in the clouds
Abandoned in the ring, sweat dripping from his face
Memories of childhood’s imagination being chased by this incubus whose shadow lurks behind

Pain overcomes this body
Every jab a moment of temporary survival

Each enemy a new faceless opponent

Overpower your victim with the strength of your punch
Compassion rests in the chair awaiting a reunion after the final bell

Alone in birth
Alone in death
Alone surrounded by millions

The cheers are a deafening silence
In the zone
Now eye to eye a hunter and its prey meet
Who will be left standing?
Who will walk away and live for another day?

A battle of mental toughness and willing acceptance of fate

The boxer has chosen a destiny scripted in the sand for generations to look back upon

He is a warrior
The ruler of his senses; the architect of his castle

The clock ticks away and the hourglass slowly losses sand to gravity and time

Will this be a moment of triumph or an opus of a fallen soldier?

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