My Lady America – Original Poem

Up in the air we fly high above the clouds looking down on the flag of liberty
She cries tears of freedom while the bloodshed remains

Streets are flooded with violence and pain
Farms decay
Pilgrims search for the promise land but none remains
The words of pioneers etched on tombstones of battles won and lives lost

Sacrifices, the backbone of the foundation that broke the shackles
We are no longer led by the dictation of tyrants
Not subject to the abuses of so few preying on the vulnerability of so many

Freedom is a document we hold in our hearts and heard in the air we breath

It is laughter of a child
The tears of a new born
The courage of a runner
The strength of a soldier
The leadership of a father
The compassion of a mother

My lady America, your beauty stretches from sea to sea
Your protection is an umbrella without end

The words are now more important than ever
Peace is a gift that cannot be unwrapped or seen
Hold hands, red, white and blue in solidarity for we no longer see color but equality

Equality of life, love and independence

Without abandon we raise this flag with honor and pride

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