The Pleasure of Sin – Original Poem

Burn the tattooed lingerie resting on your milky skin
Destroy the satin and lace
Eliminate the wanton python sucking life from the passionless timid souls

Clear your mind, resolve the past and look in the mirror and indulge in the sexual freedom that is unleashed in your confidence

You are a shining star that wills the glass with the red blood frenzy of ecstacy
Each step closer to a wet bed of intimate sensuality gleaming from the sparkle in your eyes

The soft curves of your legs
The warmth of your skin
The subtle comfort of your smile

Your love is felt with the impulse of your proximity
The weak bow to your omnipresence
No compromise
No retreat
You own the moment
You overpower all limitation and seize this moment

With one kiss you release the beast inside
Letting it out to roar, scratch and bite
We are animals and you hold the key to opening the cage.

Anticipation is your ammunition
In the moments of preparation, the battlefield is ready
Gearing up in heels, stockings, intimates under the light that hug your curves with no room for imagination

Mercy on our souls

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