Demon with Angel Wings – Original Poem

I want you to tell me every deep dark secret you have ever had
Dig deep within the trenches of your soul and release the inner demon wrapped up in the solitude of moral acceptance
In the heart of all that is wicked my throne will rise again high above the clouds showering the people with forces stronger than pillars of concrete

I am a true spirit born of demons with the persuasion of a thousand angels and the pain of a long rusted knife plunged deeply with repeated penetration through my defenseless skin

Take it now
It is at your whim.
Rape it, pillage it, savor it and cherish it.

I am the savior to the lost souls
The provider of those without bread
The temptation you seek when you’ve lost direction

Now in the pinnacle of weakness, you look for answers
I am the bible, the religion, the spirit lurking in that abyss

Look into the fire, not away
Walk closer
The heat is a slight agony to the beautiful garden
Take my hand and let the snake wrapped itself tightly and slowly release its venom into your veins

Release the rage
Welcome the sunlight of eternal peace

Come forth with me and let me embrace your heart with the bosom of my wings

One thought on “Demon with Angel Wings – Original Poem

  1. Love the commanding presence and power with which you write…..also I thought it was delightfully provocative, teasing the senses in masterful demise….. I like….. 🙂

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