Superman – Original Poem

You write our names in the clouds
High above the Earth’s surface
You are my Superman as your love defies gravity
You hold me under the span of your wings and guide me to the most beautiful visions of the world

To live with the birds
To soar to new heights
To find a prince where sky and ground meet

The rivers flow softer
The air is sweeter

The mystery is this power you possess over my reckless emotions

I open my eyes to a dream that feels love and pain
A dream that is translated by Zen prophets living in solitude on the pinnacle of the roof of mankind

I can touch you with this bare hand
I can feel the air you breathe sprinkle my veins with the nectar of a thousand fruits
It is a legendary tale told by a lonesome storyteller traveling through the night to bring wonder to the masses

Each line breeds a wit of curiosity
Each chapter a new level of our love

You are my Superman
Hero to the worn and lost
Guiding force in a wind of desperation

You are mine
A shadow that lurks parallel to my search for truth
A warmth that scares away the demons of doubt

This princess is awake from the spell and you are my Superman

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