Who Do You Think You Are? – Original Poem

You play these games with my heart
A jester in the courtyard of the king
Playful with your whimsical dance
Gleeful with the song of clowns
Juggling my heart is part of the act to an audience of one

This comedy is but a tragedy moving toward a slow piercing end
I am pawn who gave love as the admission to your show

I wished for a gentle bed to rest this weary soul and became the main attraction to a silly game of cat and mouse

There is nothing more
A corner awaits me to die alone

Without a smile
A parade without fanfare
A hug without human touch

These angel eyes are blackened
A glimmer of fire extinguish
In purgatory, I am anonymous
One of millions, tears dried up and no direction home

If I pray hard enough, I can dream this life away
In a single moment, air with seize to exist and memories with vanish like a magician in a traveling show

The jester lives for another act
One more day, one more heart to add to his bag of tricks
The king claps and rejoices while I fade away

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? – Original Poem

  1. Buna ziua. As vrea sa stiu autorul fotografiei cu clovnii pe plaja. E o atmosfera feliniana de-a dreptu.

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