Home – Original Poem

In your arms I am home

I have fallen into this trance as the world is being pulled into a gravitational free fall
Showered in a cleaning pool of heavens purity

As Adam gave his body to Eve, we are one
A spiritual bond together in shackles but free as the bird escaping the mist of a perfect storm

Let me go as the Earth crumbles before us but don’t ever close your eyes to my needs
The end is a metaphor as birth is a death sentence we are all entitled to
It is earned with the gift of original sin

See through me
Can you see this beating heart?
It is fragile and inviting
It is the cornerstone of a passion wrapped in a fragile glass house

Home is full of wonder
It is comforted by a rainbow of affection
It warms the cold air and wishes away apathy

In the purgatory of life, you are the meaning I have searched for
You are my home

In your arms I rest and smile

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