Mental Love Affair – Original Poem

I remember the day we met
Two strangers across the room with time on our side
You, a vision of beauty sculpted by the prophets born with the gentleness of angels and the hands of genius

The rhythm of the night brought our beating hearts closer
A fated moment of destiny
Decided long before this day
Premeditated by cupid and his helpers

A preordained union
Like a darkened theater in my mind, I witnessed our life together woven in with a symmetry of music

From our first kiss to our fond memories of a life spent in harmony, it was a masterpiece

The room is silent. The people, music and movement have been muted so I can hear your breathe. Your heartbeat increases intensity

We both know the next line in the script, but we do not want to disappoint the director above
Closer our bodies move, uncontrolled spasms

Enlightened by a sunrise in your arms
In awe by the amount of love you have shared
Educated by a compassion I have never felt

The night is over and many years have passed.
I now sit alone in this cafe in remembrance
I smile fondly on this mental love affair

I will never forget our moment, our time, our fate that almost crossed

5 thoughts on “Mental Love Affair – Original Poem

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