Thank you to the World

There are moments in your life when you become lost for words. As a writer, this is a rare occasion for me. Today marked one of those New York Minutes where words cannot properly express my personal gratitude for what has come to light.

After taking a moment to look at my analytics, I noticed something quite spectacular; the listing of countries that had viewed my blog today. The list and colors were so long and diversified. I quickly put my counting skills to work (Thank you Ms. Hasse, my 3rd grade teacher for providing some of my speed counting skills). After a quick count and then recount I came to the realization that my blog had been viewed in 79 countries today.

I was taken back
In awe

Ok, maybe I am laying it a little thick with the descriptor terms, but it goes without saying that I was and continue to be grateful seeing this. To know that my words, thoughts and emotions have broken the barriers of race, religion, politics and culture so that the universal messages can be heard.

I love sharing my poetry, personal anecdotes, lessons on life, keys to personal happiness, career tactics and pursuit of peace, unity and love. Yet knowing this message is heard and resonating throughout the globe leaves a personal warm spot in my heart.

Often in life we develop a passion for something. Something that becomes our addictive vice. This can be a sport, hobby, a desire or a mission. To put your blood, sweat and tears into each and aspect of this is its own reward, but to know that silent recognition is being sung is priceless.

Without each and every single reader that reads and aborbs these words, this blog would have no success at all. Not only is it successful, but it is continuing to grow.

This message is a thank you. I mean a giant thank you to each person who either has read this for the first time or follows each blog.

The knowledge of the world wide visibility of this blog is a true testimony to the power of the written word.

In a society of instant information and gratification where visual stimulus in pictures, video and music are the mode of accepted transferance of information, it is a blessing knowing the written word still has a home.

What makes this even more special is that I don’t have to hold back. Some of you have been with me through some very difficult crossroads in my life and some amazing periods of celebration. Thank you for allowing me to share those moments and I look forward to many more.

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