The Risk of Amazement – Original Poem

If you want be free
If you want to fly
If you want soar high above the clouds
If you want to kiss the sky you cannot be afraid to fall
Hug the clouds, look down, let yourself go

The risk is the greatest temptation and insurmountable fear
The reward so high, the perish do severe

Are the wounds too deep?
Is the pain to relentless?
Does foreboding nightmare reign in your blood?

Walk through the valley of heat
Crawl through the forest of doubt
Open your eyes and the horror disappears

Failure is a hallucination
Break through the mirrors and the image of success

To breathe in the air of amazement is a narcotic blessed in euphoria wonder
The blood warm, shivers cover the skin and the spine tingles

A rainbow now fills the sky as you lay at the end basking in the golden pot

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