Sobriety – Original Poem

One last drop of this addictive liquid paradise
The circus in my blood has run dry
Reality is the crypt keeper on the other side of the mirror

Dry, warn and distraught
The locomotive has crashed into a cement wall
No more running
No more false blindness to the world

You need the next fix of this obsession
The demon’s juice is your friend
It flows in the river of dreams
It floats in the cloud of imagination
It shelters from the army of depression

One more you say to yourself
If only one more

The glass is empty
The dreams are drowning in the emptiness that is now the abyss of dignity

It weathered your courage, raised the bar of acceptance and provided a bed to a lonely soul

A devoted fan now a pawn of detox
Strings from above control you now
Forced into a movement of acceptance
Applauded by a world now free from isolation

The music begins and you dance the dance of the rascals and goblins
They laugh as you body dries up to the sadness of life

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