Celebration of Life – This is what a party for a 90th Birthday looks like….

Linda Hickle and Mom Together (All Smiles)


Wow! This took some planning. Mary Katherine Sanders Hickle turned 90 years young last Saturday, July 21, and partied all weekend to celebrate. Mary Katherine (Mary K.) was born at home on July 21, 1922, in Laurel, MS, to James Wilford Sanders and Bonnie Mae Norman Sanders. She finished public school in Laurel, received a degree from Jones County Junior College and although her family moved to Memphis, she stayed in Laurel to work as a bookkeeper at the bank.

She met her husband, Lyman Leroy Hickle, while volunteering at the USO, married in 1945 and moved to Ohio. Widowed, she decided in 2002 to come south and live in Davidson close to her only child, Linda Hickle. She “hit the ground running” and in no time had a new circle of friends through neighbors in her Deer Park area, her church family at Huntersville Baptist Church, her Women’s Circle at DUMC and the Cornelius chapter of the DAR – and all groups were well represented at her birthday parties!

Elvis dedicated “Jailhouse Rock” to Davidson’s men-in-blue including Scott Misenheimer, party escort, of course!

Nine decades of birthdays have not slowed Mary K. Hickle one bit! She is a big NASCAR fan, especially fond of Michael Waltrip (she was there when he opened his Race Shop in Cornelius), and took some fast laps with a driver at Lowe’s Motor Speedway for her 85th birthday. (She wanted to go 185 mph. around the track to add her age to 100 mph. but the driver was only allowed speeds up to 165!) Mary K. is also a BIG Elvis fan so her daughter took her cue from “Elvis” for the 90th birthday bonanza.

Mary K.’s birthday weekend started with a dinner on Friday, July 20, at the North Harbor Club for her immediate family coming from Clarksville, TN, and Louisville, KY. Daughter Linda promised a quiet lunch at Sabi on Saturday and when Mary K. arrived (with police escort), a room of 100 well-wishers at the Asian restaurant surprised her with cheers and birthday greetings. The theme was “Elvis” and not long after Mary K. recovered from being “All Shook Up” and settled into her “Queen’s throne,” Elvis appeared in his rhinestone suit to croon a few tunes to his favorite birthday gal.

Elvis started with “Love Me Tender” and soon honored Davidson’s Men in Blue (Scott Misenheimer was the birthday escort) with “Jail House Rock.” He ended with Mary K.’s favorite hymn, “Amazing Grace.” Linda Hickle had her very own six girlfriend TCB Band decked out in sun glasses and sideburns (remember that Elvis’ band was TCB – taking care of business) to see that all the guests had name tags and signed the memory book. Grilled peanut butter and mashed banana sandwich (Elvis’ favorite with the recipe on each guest’s napkin) were also carefully prepared by Sabi (bet they don’t have that on the daily menu), and cake and ice cream were enjoyed by all.

On bended knee, Elvis presented Mary K. with flowers

When Elvis finally “left the building” and the crowd dispersed, Mary K. enjoyed a dinner at Sabi with her daughter, family and close friends. The party continued on Sunday morning with a brunch for 25 guests at Mary K.’s home which lasted well into the afternoon. Seems you can’t wear a 90 year old out! As the name tag stickers read, “Still Rockin’ at 90!” We congratulate Mary K. on her birthday and send best wishes for many, many more. Bet Linda is already thinking ahead to another milestone birthday but it will take some real creative thinking to top her mom’s 90th! What fun!

Provided by DavisonNews.net and Linda Hickle.

Original Article Posting on Davison News.net

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