Falling Into You – Original Poem

First voice in the morning; last at night
The energy that lights my candle
Whispers of friendship have blossomed into endearing love
But wait, time can destroy this union of destiny

It is about you now; it has to be for you are the flame that lights the sun

The world has shrunk to a small space reserved for you and I

Life is a journey traveled alone until the soul runs weary, rests on a stone and relies on the comfort of another to continue the path

Let’s just be
You and me
Alone, together for all eternity

I want to bleed your love

Did I say I love you?
I am a fool because I have not said it enough
I am a jester because I exposed my weakness with my words

My fear is your strength
You hold me in your arms with the power of a thousand armies
Your sword pierces my will to live; your words conquer this momentary bliss

Hold me til I die and then hold me a little longer

My paranoia is that someday I will fleet away to a pond of loneliness
The water will quench my thirst, but the drought of your absence will send me to this grave

I’m a lucky man
For just one moment I found you
Locked in your eyes I found the answers to questions too distant to reach

You are the shelter that will save me from this storm
With this power you can release me and destroy me
To my knees I go and wait…

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