Goodbye Blue Eyes – Original Poem

You wane away in the distance blending into the backdrop of the setting sun
Goodbye blue eyes
Penetrating my soul and leaving behind a mystery

This aching I cannot hide
This pain is the only memory of your love
With a thousand pierces, knives open the wounds and bleed out the reminders of a brief moment of perfection

Goodbye blue eyes
Volumes spoken without a word uttered
Feelings shared without human touch
Lives changed forever and forever I am your slave

The sky and ground now one and you no more
Gone; not turning back
With fondness, I witness the decline of the sun and as the night sky fills the air, a cinema of pictures of you form on the Imax of the universe

I smile with each passing image
Your beauty and soft caress
The expressive laughter and heartfelt tears

As an audience of one I am taken away to another time
A period of innocence lost to the fury of today

I will miss your blue eyes but rest each night as you spirit will always be by my side

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