Taylor – Original Poem

Her spirit is seen glowing through her daughters eyes

A mother
A daughter
A student of the world

Riding the waves of life and searching for a love that has not found its way to her celestial point of rest

Distance is the force driving them together; keeping them apart

Each day alone, manifesting the dream of being in each others arms
Under the same blue sky but hundreds of miles of fields serve as the barrier to this affair of the heart

The odyssey of two gypsies, guided by the movement of the sun and the map of the stars, set out for home

On the edge of the harbor without direction; without purpose but endurance to fight toward the light at the end of the darkness

Abandoned by the misfortune of a thorn, she must choose a new path
One mistake, now a blessing
The cry of a newborn now the prayer of a promise land

As the legs get heavier and the heat soaks through the pores. a mirage forms
Reaching out it gets further with each step closer
She hears the lullaby that rocks her baby to sleep and her fears away

It is the voice of her lost love
Never seen through her tired eyes
Never felt with her weak hands
But the feeling of completeness is felt like a vice

Vindication in a sea of resistance
All is at peace with the eternal being and two hearts mended now to complete the journey of life together as one

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