Weakness of Love – Original Poem

There is a truth in your eyes that tells me you will always protect me from the storm
The closer you hold me, the more freedom I feel
I can comprehend from your unspoken words, the feelings you hold in your heart

I am bestowed with a blessing
Not in words nor actions
Not in the premeditated journey written in the sand script of my mind

But with a kiss and a stare
You penetrate deep into the corners of the most protected layers of this fragile soul
Without knowing it, I have given you my life
With one mighty release, I am thrust into your arms
Reality is suspended; time has stop and eternity has set a course for the unknown

It is in this now we become a power higher than ourselves
This completeness can only become fulfillment when the greatest weapon of the angels is exploited; unconditional love

In the now, I breathe your air
I walk in your shadow
I bleed pain when you ache

In the now, your inner beauty overtakes this external facade
Your soft skin, radiant eyes and gentle lips are but a disguise to ward off the weak and invite the pure

I am now powerless but grabbing the spirit of a thousand horses
My heart stronger than steel; my body gentle as a warm autumn breeze

In this final release, I walk to you barefoot and exposed

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