Kidnapped by Time – Original Poem

She was stunningly beauty in a past fortnight
A product of the system
Silver hair covers the forehead where blond once shined

A beauty queen in primetime staring into the static
A relic to the young, she struggles with meaning in an age void of emotion
She is among millions of voices screaming, yet never to be heard

Dressed in her prettiest gown
Ready for the prom
Staring in the mirror, stunned to find the queen has been kidnapped by a wrinkled symbol of evil

The ransom note leaves little hope

For your soul, we will return your youth

Written in Latin from the blood of the pen

Time was her ally, now her formidable foe
A decision now looms in the distance
Weighing on the mind with the force of a thousand elephants

Mental struggle evolves
Return in exchange for eternal uncertainty or stay withering away

She cries
The beauty queen hidden behind time
Looking back, fearing forward
Sad in the now

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