Talie – Original Poem

Down from heaven she came
A second gift sent from the clouds

Natalie, her name, written with love in the sky and nestled in our arms
A reminder of the purity and solidarity of family
Without a word spoken, her presence speaks volumes

Warmth in her touch
Gentleness in her tears
Simplicity in her smile

Curiosity plays tunes in her mind as a new world awaits

Large beautiful eyes filled with passion and hope
At peace and tranquil in a world of beautiful chaos

Natalie is the final puzzle piece to a family now solidified with affection

Now brother and sister play
Protecting each other from world ahead
As mom and dad look on with pride

Dreams in the playpen
Laughter is the music of the home

A princess born from the flower garden in heaven and gently delivered to her home from the hands of the Lord

With nurturing of love, she will blossom into an empress full of fervor and energy touching the lives of everyone in her path

As we extend our hands and embrace, we are a family of four united as one

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