A Fantasy of Glee – Original Poem

I watch as the sun dances across your face
A cherub dancing in the fields showering the flowers with glitter

With a shadow mimicing a harmony of steps, two dance under the cleverly composed diction of the orchestra of clouds

Swept away in the moment
Drawn to the fire
Released to the guidance of the spirit of freedom

From the caves
Across the mountains
Out from the desserts
In the forests

The majestry of wildlife rejoice in the sounds
Absorbed into the sweet nectar of life’s soundtrack they find solace and joy

All together in an extravaganza of the mind
A rainbow of elation
A spectrum merriment

From the corners of the earth, all war seizes, all prejudice dissolved, all hate buried

In a single universal moment of peace, we are one
One world, one vision, one harmonious existance

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