Never Forgotten – Original Poem

I have seen the bliss of the sun and the fiery pits of hell
I looked all around for a familiar voice; a friend; an embrace of life’s salvation
In a moment of complete darkness, I looked to the light for answers
It was then that the darkness would fade to emptiness

Years would pass
Without hope
Without answers
Without the truth

The stars brought isolated moments of peace
The quiet breeze sent signs of hope
The cold morning freeze stopped the pain

Still time continued as this lonely path converted from a mission to empty steps

In the bottle amnesia would serve as temporary comfort
Chasing away the nightmares
Sleep was within grasp
Behind me, years have passed with no memories

Today I awaken to the same haunting past
Where tomorrow leads, I do not know
I am still fighting my demons, aching for resolution

I can only remember now
Never to forget
A life once led, not carried forward with my words and actions

I miss you

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