You Saved My Life – Original Poem

You saved me life
More than once

In a moment of weakness; a juncture of despair you found your way into my heart

I am flawed
Filled with uncertainty and moral unrest
I am not perfect
But I try
I give myself for what I can and fight for good

It is a battle full of risk
Choices to be made
Mistakes to be forgiven

I have been lost
Deep in the forest with no direction home
Darkness served as enemy and guiding light
In the underbelly of depression, answers were found
It was when I was trapped that the steel chains could be broken
I found a way back to you

You saved me
With your kindness, you soothed this beast
Serenity in bliss
Soothing undisturbed and pure

You saved me
With wit, charm and charisma

You saved me
You cannot hear me now
You cannot see me now
Forever you will feel me

With unconditional love, I thank you.
In the compassionate belly of my existence, you will rest

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