A Love for All Time – To Season and Webb (Original Poem)

In a heartbeat the seasons changed
As quickly as a gust of wind tempting the morning dew

Lost in a field of uncertainty
No direction home
No memory of past love, but an empty glass filled with hope

Running to the light of a new world, her dreams now within reach, she stumbles into a web of enchantment

Tangled and confused, she soon feels the warmth of its touch, the strength of its hold, the security of its protection

As the web wraps itself around her gentle skin she knows she found the home longed for in the dreams of every young princess

A prince arrives without warning to lift her to the clouds and welcome her to the heavens of eternal bliss

Once a young fragile bird with weak wings now a beautiful eagle soaring
With her guardian angel and partner by her side, they fly

Fly higher than life
Fly further than the stars and welcome each day together as a foundation for the infinite love they feel

For Season and Michael are now a symbol of truth
The truth that when two souls collide led by destiny, the explosion is a million points of light that all lead to love

In this devotion, we are all blessed with a piece of this affection carried into our hearts by the soft breeze off the oceanfront

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