Depression is only the beginning – Original Poem


Depression is a term reserved for those that seek help

Insanity is the deafening silence ringing in my ears
No one to turn too
Friends are distant; friends are near; friends are nowhere

Each moment, a thousand years
Each breath, closer to my last

I swallow the last remaining call for hope
We are at the epicenter of a black hole swallowing us at speeds faster than light

Imprisoned on these tracks
Trains coming from both directions
So slow
I will them closer
Anticipation only makes it worse

Back to this dark room of covered in black
An irony of poetic justice
I hear the voice
I sense the feel but know I no longer have that ability
There is no strength in my muscles
These bones are now pillars of sand

Never before has the end seemed so tempting
Like the rich nectar of fruit forbidden from this dead palate
I want to taste the emptiness of death
I want it to swallow me whole and release me from this cage

Is it time?
The ticks of the clock are so loud now
Like a thousand screaming birds piercing my eardrum
Make it all stop
Make the pain subside

I pray to this deserted vacuum called humanity

Never has a word been uttered back
Never has a glimmer of happiness landed on this defeated lap

One thought on “Depression is only the beginning – Original Poem

  1. beautiful -Jesus as God cares and i do too-i had fought it suicidal ideation for whole winters… i am still here and better. but i am a better person cuz of it and i know my God better!

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