Why Doesn’t the United States Go Public and Issue an IPO?

What an absolutely crazy and insane idea. How could someone have the audacity to propose making an entire country a publicly traded company? Just the thought of selling out our own land is the idea of a madman. Or perhaps it is pure geniune. How else can we raise billions if not trillions in capital to bring down the deficit and give billions around the world a personal stake in the future of this nation?

Let us take a few moments and look at the possible advantages of filing with the SEC for approval of the United States of America as the biggest IPO in the history of the stock markets putting little old Facebook to shame.

1. The obvious. It will raise hundreds of billions of dollars in capital we can utilize to pay down the national debt and provide funding for national programs such as job creation, environment, education and economic stimulus.

2. It gives shareholders a stake in the future of this nation. By putting a monetary value on this country, we may recycle more, think twice about waste and become more fiscally sound. Also, government spending will fall under stronger regulations.

3. The stock market performance continues to be a temperature check on the mood and sentiment of this fine nation. Why not solidify the connection.

4. The ticker symbol USA is taken, but USOA is not.

5. How often have we heard the phrase “A piece of the American dream” throughout history? Now you can officially hold a certificate that certifies that you do.

6. Government is comprised of a series of check and balances along with experts in fiscal policy, economics, business strategy, business development and operations. Utilizing these administration experts, we should be able to manage the distribution of capital and keep our shareholders happy.

I know this is a bit of an off the wall recommendation. Then again a few years ago, legalizing marijuana for recreational use was as well. We are in an unprecedented time where the world is scared, restless and concerned. The United States was build on the idea of being the #1 nation in the world and now we have slipped.

Now is the time to think about solutions. Ones with realistic goals and a chance to make a promise of a better tomorrow we can actually fulfill.

Now for the question to the audience”

“Would you buy stock in the United States as a long term investement?”

I would.

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