Jersey Strong – Original Poem

In the blink of an eye our world changed
Winds of change took away our homes, our memories, our keepsakes

White picket fences and the American dream destroyed in an apocalyptic rage

From the pits of hell, a path of desolation and havoc cleared brought us to tears

With the strength of a thousand horses, we were brought to our knees
Praying to voices above in hopes the clouds would part to open up its arms to a new day

Wandering the streets looking for answers

Devastation a word without definition
Searching for answers under the rubble

A vision of a war zone in the land of the free
We raised our arms to the sky with strength and unity

Jersey Strong in our hearts
Jersey Strong our will to survive
Jersey Strong the power to rebuild

In the darkest hour, a light began to shine through
Walking out of the muck and mud we began to cleanse our soul and fill our hearts with the love of the brotherhood of man

Kindred neighbors close and far have united to form a wall of fortitude with one message, “We will rise again”

One nail at a time
Lending one hand; a reassuring smile; a hug
A promise of a better tomorrow

Jersey Strong
One family, one mission, a commitment, a goal

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