If I’d Known – Original Poem

If I’d known that was the last time I would touch those soft sensual wet lips or get lost deep in your eyes…

If that moment when I said I loved you were our last would it change a thing?

I still feel you every morning
The brush of the wind; your breath
The warmth of the sun; your angelic glow
The smell of the linens; the nectar of your skin

I dream about you each time I open my eyes
Your voice is in the song of the birds
Your heart beats next to mine until my last breath

If I’d known I would not wake another morning with you by my side, I would be lost
Lost with no direction

You gave me vision for a better tomorrow; promise of a new beginning

I took for granted your touch
I accepted your generosity without compromise
I welcomed you into the hidden corridor of my soul

You captured me and locked me away in this prison of eternal happiness.

If I’d known you would be gone would I sacrifice my life for you?

As I look in the mirror, beyond my skin, beyond my soul and in the trenches of places we never see that control our every emotion, I say yes

If I’d known this was our last goodbye, I would hold so close the pain and love would become one.

I didn’t know

Now I cry, not for my loss but tears of happiness for all you have given me.

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