Free Fall – Original Poem

Picture it
Four miles above the Earth’s surface
Between the sun and the curve of the Earth, your existence comes into perspective
Moments away from freefall
Faster than sound; out of control

Every memory from womb to death rushes through your head like a lightning storm of adrenaline

Blood rushing to your brain
You feel alive; so alive
The most pure feeling; mind, body and soul as one

Alone with the whole world looking up
Closer to the surface and reality

This surreal epic journey about to climax
You will hit the surface with life and death flipping a coin to see who wins the prize

It is so clear in the blindness of your fall
This is judgment day; the ultimate decision; the infinite risk

Speed picks up
All control diminished
All feeling gone
I cannot explain this

As you reach the moment where you are in absolute absence and only the forces defined by biblical words know your fate, it becomes a fairy tale of wisdom and horror

We have reached the end
Ground grows closer
The impact will hit soon
It all comes down to this moment

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