Waste of War – Original Poem

Why must blood be spilled on this holy ground
The selfless hatred
Greed overpowering the simplicity of love

Lives lost for a greater good never defined by the virtues of humanity

Thousands of years of the ideals of harmony buried in the past with questions remaining

Generation after generation; sacrifices made
Brothers lost
Husbands perishing in the flames of strife
Children never to see through the eyes of an adult

It is a web of deception written by men of power using the blood of boys cemented by the tears of mothers

We are pawns in the game of life
Victims in a race with no finish line

We scream for unity, yet we are all deaf
Praying for an end when no one knows where it all began

Born of innocence
Raised into sin
Dying in regret

When will the warmth of a hug melt away the fear of the weapon?

It is in these words I declare a release of my inner demons and imagine a world not far from my own

A world overcome by the tenderness of adornment and weak to the touch of a gentle kiss

Now in a moment of silence, I close my eyes and dream

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