We Forgot About the Importance of the Words


The art of the written word. It is romantic, real, historically significant and most importantly it has the magical ability to take us to another place.

One minute we are pirates on the high seas and the next we are flying over the clouds looking down on the beauty of our planet. Words have the power to transform, capture deep emotions and give us the courage to achieve our goals.

Writers play a very significant role in our lives.

Writers are:

  • Novelists
  • Poets
  • Screenwriters
  • Songwriters
  • Educators
  • Playwrights

Most importantly they express feelings from the heart.  It is in the words that pour out not from the pen but from the mind that open us up to the vulnerabilities of expressive insight.


A writer sees and feels the world around.  Writers have a purpose and a gift to narrate, interpret, document and open us up to what we are afraid to feel ourselves.

I do not believe words are dead.  That is an extreme, but in the direction we are heading, the importance of them may be lost in this dark jungle.

With technology giving all of us the ability to pour our hearts out in characters through text, tweets, instant message and email, we no longer are vulnerable to the letting our hearts speak for us and suffering the pain of love gained and lost.

I think the greatest feeling in life is getting hurt.  That sounds like a strange statement to be hearing, but I speak the truth.  Love, friendship, family and true connection are very rare in a lifetime so believing every interaction will be positive is just a silly juvenile thought.  We need to get pierced and bleed to find the truth essence and purity of happiness.

We are human.  As humans we feel, both good and bad.  It is important to experience extremes of happiness, sadness, pain and euphoria.


When did we start to hide from it?

We hide behind our mobiles, tablets and laptops.

I have experienced people that:

  • Break up by text
  • Pour their heart out in a status update
  • Feel levels of depression and express it with a tweet

I cannot change human behavior with just my words.

I don’t even want to take on that role.  I want to believe that we can once again feel.  I know every chance I get, I am going to hug a little harder, kiss a little deeper and express myself with all my heart has to give.

Even if many are turning their lives into a one sentence update, I won’t ever take that path.

For those that know me or want to know me, I am very happy and I will continue to be a hopeless romantic realist that will jump off the cliff and hope I land on my feet.

2 thoughts on “We Forgot About the Importance of the Words

  1. Amen! And for that very reason is why I love you so much! I want to jump off that cliff with you and dare to believe I will also land on my feet! Your friendship and kind words of support allow me to strengthen my resolve to believe that is possible. Thanks again for speaking to my soul Mark! I am forever grateful for our connection.


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