What does 12-12-12 Mean?


I am seeing posts all over the social spectrum with banners about 12-12-12.

  • Portal of awareness
  • Remembering who we are
  • Shift in the collective consciousness
  • Be ready for expansion
  • The last time we will see a triple date in our lifetime.  Would you do something to make your day unforgettable?
  • It’s a once in a lifetime event

Like most days that the media and social viral nation promotes, is it more about representation than action.

Yes, today is the well anticipated Sandy Relief concert and there will be as many weddings and proposals today as New Year’s but once again, today is another day carried forward by seconds, minutes and hours.  From morning to dusk, most of the world will continue on its path of mediocrity, living a life of consistent patterns.

When do we normally see a life shift?  That may be the first question we should ask ourselves.


Typically a major life shift happens shortly after:

  • A natural disaster
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Birth of a loved one
  • Major life move
  • Loss or gain of a job/career
  • Transition in life (graduation, marriage, lottery win)

Why not have awareness of a change that isn’t driven by a life changing catalyst?  Each year, many of us create our New Year’s Resolutions.  For some it is a joke and for others it is a conscious attempt to change for the better.  Most focus on weight loss, new job, being happier or finally starting that bucket list.


I may be the minority opinion about change as I am constantly focused on goals and effective personal, mental and spiritual growth.

I thought about this day and the impending end of the year or world, whichever decides to manifest itself and looked at how I have changed others in the last few months.  Sort of my own path of inspiration.

Here is what I did…


  • Sent some random gifts from the heart to friends for no reason
  • Donated clothes and other items to Goodwill
  • Spent quality time with my father shortly after Sandy
  • Spent three months by the bedside of a dying friend and spoke from my heart at her funeral
  • Scaled the cliff side of Niagara Falls to see the true beauty the world has to offer
  • Made a snow angel on the first snowfall of the season
  • Visited my best friend shortly after the birth of her second child
  • Gave money to my brother who had nowhere to turn
  • Lend a friend money to help secure a new home
  • Helped several people get on the path to finding a new career
  • Helped a friend move when I didn’t want to see her go
  • Volunteered at a pet shelter
  • Tried to bring hope through my words
  • Was not afraid to say “I love you”

I feel like I have made a difference to a number of lives, including my own.  Life is a powerful gift with a tremendous amount of responsibility.  If we ignore the power, it lies dormant and the energy fades.

We have the ability to light the flames and channel this enlightenment.  Life cannot be about short moments of giving or forgiveness because a holiday represents it.  It is a continuous journey and we cannot stop moving forward.


When married, we take a pledge to love and honor for better or worse for the rest of our lives.

It may not have spoken it out loud, but to me that pledge is recited at birth.

Not just to respect and honor your partner but all of mankind.

What does 12-12-12 mean to me?

Absolutely nothing and everything.

I put as much meaning into today as I will to tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and beyond.


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