Fragile Flower – Original Poem Dedicated to Kristen


A fragile flower in the wind
Holding on as the summer breeze whispers across the prairie
Young and innocent
Alive and full of grace

A flower with wings to fly among the birds
A flower with legs as graceful as a ballerina
A flower with spirit to warm the hearts of those she touched

Releasing the energy of the sun with a rainbow of colors from her blossoming petals

Awakened to a life she will never know
Taken too soon by the cruelty of the eternal gatekeepers

A flower loved by all
Her fragrance was one of a young princess running through the fields of life with promise on the horizon

She would climb the hills to bask in the warm summer sun but tumble to an end no one foresaw


In the end, the importance of life is seen
With every sunrise she provides us compassion
With every sunset the beauty of another day passed

She captured the zest of a thousand children laughing
Her cherubic smile was an infection that spread like a virus

Memories now flash by
Each day a new reminder of what might have been

Reflect on this

Each day she lived was a day complete
Each thought, each tear, each laugh, she is near


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