Modern Fairy Tale – Original Poem


I didn’t rescue you from a castle tower protected by the fire breathing dragon.

I didn’t serenade you in song under the rich dazzling moonlight

There was not a chamber orchestra in the background increasing rhythm and tone as I drew near you.


Perched under a tree on an unconventionally cool autumn day. The leaves parading in a multitude of color, a soft shadow by your side and a cool breeze brushing the hair from your eyes.

Such unconventional soft beauty
A model trapped in a normal world

With your glasses just off your nose, a warm comfy sweater and a mug of cocoa, a picture of perfection is painted


Eyes focused on the book, I am but a passing glimmer in your life, but for a single moment, a bird, an uncomfortable shift in the wind; you looked up.

Entered into your vision, in a twinkling of clarity your future was now in focus

As her mental picture developed, we danced in the fountain under the cascading moonlight

In mine, cuddled under the blankets warmed by the fire in the cabin

As our eyes locked, the sun hid behind a cloud poised to shower us with the rains of change.

The water began slowly and increased in power and frequency.

We both stood motionless

Soon, without voluntary movement, our bodies moved closer together. Like two magnetic forces the energy increased its intensity

Now in a downpour, two bodies in motion become one
A long deep sensual embrace of the lips

A declaration of love without a word spoken


Never to be written in a storybook or published in a magazine, a true fairy tale has been storied in the corner of the library as a classic for the ages

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