Friendship Application – Test of True Friendship


This is an official application for friendship. In order to be considered, the application must be completed in its entirety. This is also pending a satisfactory completion of background check and competency/intelligence test

This is a sure fire test to determine if that person you want in your life as a true friend is worthy of you.

Name (Yours please) __________________________________
Number of current friends (real life)  ____________________________
Number of Facebook friends ___________________________

Differential:  If Facebook friends to real friends is more than a 4 to 1 ratio, bad sign!

Do you smoke? ______
How often to you drink (Days a week) _________
How many minutes a month do you average on your mobile? __________
How many texts a month do you average on your mobile? ____________

When you are at the dinner table are you eyes on:

Television with the game on ______
Your phone on the table ______
Your friends/date ______
(Don’t lie, I will know)

When a friend calls you do you:

Call back when you can _______
Text them and say “whats up?” _______
Ignore it and call back when you are bored _______

How often to you Facebook stalk?

1 – 2 Times a week _________
3 – 5 Times a week _________
6 – 10 Times a week _________
11+ _________

Do you make plans ahead or do you wait until the last minute and if you have nothing to do, you call all your friends to hang out? _____________

When you make a plan, what is the percentage of time you will meet your commitment? _________

Do you typically call your friends or wait for them to call you?  ______________

What is your preferred method of communicating to your friends:

  • In person                 _______
  • Text                            _______
  • Talking on phone  _______
  • Skype                         _______
  • Walkie Talkie          _______
  • Other                         _______

What something important happens in your life, how do you tell your friends:

  • Group Text                                 ___________
  • Facebook Announcement   ___________
  • Call them                                    ___________
  • Individual Text                       ___________
  • Write a blog                              ___________
  • Call a meeting                          ___________

Do you check in everywhere you go?  _______

Do you take pictures everywhere you go and upload on Facebook or Google+?  _______

Can you go an entire day without your phone?  _______

Rank these things in order of importance in your life:

  • Car                         ____________
  • Phone                   ____________
  • Family                  ____________
  • Friends                ____________
  • Money                 ____________
  • Job                        ____________
  • Alcohol/Drugs ____________
  • Laptop/Tablet ____________
  • Clothes/Shoes ____________

A friend is taken to the hospital do you:

  • Drop everything and go immediately to see them     ________________
  • Text them and see if they are ok                                        ________________
  • Call them or a family member to check in                     ________________
  • Assume they are ok and go on with your life               ________________
  • Wait for someone to update you                                      ________________
  • Make a plan to see them later                                            ________________

A friend needs a shoulder to cry on, do you:

  • Ignore it because you hate dealing with bad news and emotions            _________________
  • Offer to be there for them as long as they need you                                       _________________
  • Promise to be there but something always comes up                                   _________________
  • Try to get another friend to take your place                                                     _________________

If a friend gives you a gift, do you:

  • Refuse because you don’t want to buy them one            ______________
  • Refuse because you are modest                                            ______________
  • Accept graciously                                                                       ______________

It is your friends birthday, you:

  • Take the lead in planning                                                                        ________________
  • Hope someone else takes the lead and wait to be invited         ________________
  • Hope nothing happens because you hate buying gifts               ________________
  • Accept that a wall update happy birthday is enough                  ________________

3 thoughts on “Friendship Application – Test of True Friendship

  1. Hey I have a friendship test too! Try mine?

    Your friend is desperately sick and reaches out to you in a benign yet somewhat disturbing way, then tries to explain once well, do you:
    a. Express the impact the event had and discover what happened?
    b. Become angry and demand retribution for an offense?
    The answer is:
    c. made a mildly reproachful comment indicating confusion then completely ignore their exsistence from that point on never explaining or listening to an explanation.

    Wow hold on Mark, you already got an A on that one.

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