Invest in yourself…The Rewards will follow


How do I define the complete me? I think in order to do that, I need to break down the components of myself.

Let’s start there.

I am:

  • Family centric
  • Balance work, exercise and diet
  • Passionate about writing and my career
  • Believe in equality, individual choice and dreams
  • Focused on travel, understanding other cultures, books and films that make me think, black and white photography, unconditional friendship and creativity
  • Devoted to pursuing a life of happiness
  • Proud of my heritage
  • Love music

Now that we finished my dating profile, let us look at what I have done to invest in myself:

  • Published two complete collections of poetry, have a third on the way, five screenplays and a novel in the works
  • Continually looking at new trends and changes in my industry and how to evolve and growth with them
  • Never putting my friends or family second to anyone
  • Using the resources I have to help others when I can
  • Developing a strong brand to share my written and visual messages with others

Am I doing everything I can to reach my goal of happiness?

That is quite a question.  One that truly may take a lifetime to answer.

Let me see if I can outline some areas I am not:

  • I don’t expose myself enough.  I can go to book readings, writing groups, enter more competitions and send my works to agents to try and get more exposure
  • I can take more risks in my career.  Sometimes fear whether we see it or not plays a role in the choices or lack of choices we make
  • I can travel more.  I have been to Europe, Mexico, Alaska and most of the continental US and I have the resources to see so much more.  I need to do that.
  • I can spend more time talking to my family and spending good quality time
  • I can spend less time writing about dreams and more pursuing them
  • I can love more
  • I can find more balance with yoga, mental and physical exercise and learning things outside of my comfort zone

That was refreshing.


I love who I am and that is a person who is flawed with a good heart, devotion to friends, families and strangers and someone that is looking to always think positive and continue to grow.

I have visibility but am I hiding behind it?:

Is that the best we can do?


I think the bottom line is, I need to invest less in the laptop and more time to myself and the 26,000 amazing miles of frontier at my fingertips.  It all has to start with one simple step.


Why do we accept the love we think we deserve…


Do you want to be loved or do you want others around you to find happiness at your expense?
Do you want to settle or define of a life of happiness?

These are loaded questions filled with many options.

The pursuit of love is a passionate ride filled with bumps, obstacles and for some devastation. Too take another life and grant it permission to your heart, the most fragile thing in all existence is one so many of us are hesitant to do. You never want to willingly put yourself in a bad place and if you isolate yourself from emotional vulnerability, you won’t get hurt.

But if you do not live these moments, embrace the beauty in front of your eyes and realize that life is not about infinite happiness, but about individual moments that collectively make us infinite, then you are missing out.

What is it about our inalienable unconscious decision to settle that makes us so damn cliche in our pursuit of unhappiness and boredom that sets in and manifests itself into a slow journey to death?

Do we wake up one day and decide we no longer want to try?
Do we look in the mirror and realize this is the best we will ever be?
Do we accept that time is our deep rooted enemy and no matter how hard we try, they will win?
Do we just say, screw it. You like me, so why not.


We all deserve better
We all earned better

We are all kings and queens. That doesn’t stop when you turn six and start seeing the harsh realities of life. That little boy and girl on top of the snow hill with the whole world in front of them needs to be you, always.

Ask yourself this: What moments defined you?

  • Was it a song?
  • Was it an event?
  • Was it a movie?
  • Was it a kiss?
  • Was it a tragedy?
  • Was it a success?
  • Was it the first time you felt scared?
  • Was it a quiet moment alone in reflection?
  • Was it when you looked in her eyes?
  • Was it the first touch?
  • Was it a line in a book?

Think very hard and don’t just remember the moment; remember the feelings you had and the thoughts running through your head.  You know what those thoughts were.

They were dreams, ambitions, ideas.  All things that make us great.  You wanted to run through the fields screaming in joy.   You know this.  You can feeling it all rushing back now.


Find that again.

  • Find the first record that made you cry and cry all over again
  • Find the first boy or girl that helped you discover love and thank them
  • Remember your greatest accomplishment and then make a list of five more better than that and achieve them
  • Make a better tomorrow for yourself
  • Find love; true love; great love; infinite love

That is when you will stop accepting the love you think you deserve and starting loving the way you are meant to.

On a Ship Home – Original Poem


The seas is open and vast

It is a love affair between man and water

Quenched in its moist soft waves; powerful and mighty; soothing and inviting

In this vessel, we leave the world behind

The distance is taking control as the separation of land and water is no longer black and white

Guided only by the stars, every direction becomes an abyss of unknown potential

This boat spreads like the wings of a bird flying away to new lands

Cresting each wave like lovers kissing with all the emotion and zest of unconditional unity, the vessel sores into the night

Under the moonlight, we lie watching the universe put on a blockbuster in 3D on the Imax in the sky

The boat is our bed and the sounds of the ocean so clear


We are in an infinite moment right now where heaven and earth are now one.  It is the perfect storm where thunder, lightning, rain and winds come together to climax is complete silence

Now we breathe in with each wave in harmony and close our eyes while the boat rocks us to sleep knowing we will awaken to a new world

This is Charleston – Original Poem


It is a rainbow of infinite memories
From the early settlers to the pioneers of tomorrow

Sailboats raise a symbol to the sky as the wind guides them off shore creating a finely stitched canvas of white clouds and ocean blue

From the tips of the church steeples reaching to the heavens to the remains of our forefathers resting in the sacred burials, Charleston is a blessing and gift

In its wonder, we are taken back in time to a cobblestone roads, horse drawn carriages and southern hospitality as sweet as the nectar on pecan pie

Once a shipping ground for slavery and inequality; now a harmonious settlement of integration, culture, dining and hospitality

Each morning, the sun rises over the harbor and welcomes a new day with open arms
Streets filled with life, the sound of music and aromas to warm the soul

This is Charleston

It is home to the world

Defining a global appeal, an artist sees a city with a marriage of nature and skyline beauty becoming one
Painting in his head a true masterpiece
Now this canvas, resting peacefully on the coast is laden in strokes of reds and blues
Always in flux as patrons pay homage to the city we love


This is Charleston

From the laughter of the children in the fountain to the love of an elderly couple embracing on the sand, this is heart of all that is good

This is Charleston; where the heart of the south reminds you of the beauty of life

The Ballerina – Original Poem


A ballerina in flight lifts her dreams to the heavens, as angels play the music, composed by the ghosts of the eternal choir.

The vision of a silhouette rests on the mantle of the dance floor.

Memories of inspiration flow through her toes as a young girl takes aim to the stars.

Eloquence guides the soft fluent motion of shadows and whispers as the audience sits motionless in the auditorium of life.

The ballerina allows her soul to sing the praises of the gift of dance,
a thousand words in one motion.

She feels the emotions of all, rushing through her heart in a shower of interpretation.

With each step, a message;

With each moment, fear and trepidation are released and euphoria reigns on the soft skin of the dancer, chosen by the high powers to lift us higher.


Without guidance, the ballerina paints strokes on the canvas of the dance floor, releasing a bellow of silent screams.

As the final spin of the body stops, the body falls.
At rest, the ballerina is complete.

The music and the ballerina are now one,
a true blessing of art.

Garden of Dreams – Original Poem


Each flower a symbol of life; a metaphor of the journey of self discovery
As the sun rises on a new day, the shadow awakes to a new shade of color above
The sweet nectar of its protector spreading its wings in a tapestry of color and spectacle

Today, a chorus of roses, lilies, tulips and daffodils with sing chants accompanied by harps and music from the clouds above. It is a theater of nature’s most talented creations.

Giving life to the ground once cold and frigid
Now, the flowers extend their hand in harmony and wrap themselves around each other in warm embrace as love is defined for another season

As the cold winter packed its bags and departed, not to look back, the young offspring peaked above the shelter of the soil and slowly began to reach for the heavens and bless us with the smell of fragrant beauty

Now the journey has reached its pinnacle
Spring is here and the ambassadors have manned their posts
Observers to love; supporting players in the creation of memories

With each new kiss, a flower smiles
It is pure; it is magical; it is the virtual of the balance of life

Basking in the vehemence of the sun, this garden is a foundation of the truth in existence
It reinforces the meaning of life and gives explanation when doubt has clouded the mind


With each smell a new flow of energy enters the body and rejuvenates

Alone a flower is fragile
Together, in a garden, it has the strength to overcome mountains

Now as I sit on this bench, an invited guest to the magical transformation of Earth’s wonders
I close my eyes and let me senses take over as the sun warms my soul and the flowers caress me with nature’s perfume