Garden of Dreams – Original Poem


Each flower a symbol of life; a metaphor of the journey of self discovery
As the sun rises on a new day, the shadow awakes to a new shade of color above
The sweet nectar of its protector spreading its wings in a tapestry of color and spectacle

Today, a chorus of roses, lilies, tulips and daffodils with sing chants accompanied by harps and music from the clouds above. It is a theater of nature’s most talented creations.

Giving life to the ground once cold and frigid
Now, the flowers extend their hand in harmony and wrap themselves around each other in warm embrace as love is defined for another season

As the cold winter packed its bags and departed, not to look back, the young offspring peaked above the shelter of the soil and slowly began to reach for the heavens and bless us with the smell of fragrant beauty

Now the journey has reached its pinnacle
Spring is here and the ambassadors have manned their posts
Observers to love; supporting players in the creation of memories

With each new kiss, a flower smiles
It is pure; it is magical; it is the virtual of the balance of life

Basking in the vehemence of the sun, this garden is a foundation of the truth in existence
It reinforces the meaning of life and gives explanation when doubt has clouded the mind


With each smell a new flow of energy enters the body and rejuvenates

Alone a flower is fragile
Together, in a garden, it has the strength to overcome mountains

Now as I sit on this bench, an invited guest to the magical transformation of Earth’s wonders
I close my eyes and let me senses take over as the sun warms my soul and the flowers caress me with nature’s perfume

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