The Ballerina – Original Poem


A ballerina in flight lifts her dreams to the heavens, as angels play the music, composed by the ghosts of the eternal choir.

The vision of a silhouette rests on the mantle of the dance floor.

Memories of inspiration flow through her toes as a young girl takes aim to the stars.

Eloquence guides the soft fluent motion of shadows and whispers as the audience sits motionless in the auditorium of life.

The ballerina allows her soul to sing the praises of the gift of dance,
a thousand words in one motion.

She feels the emotions of all, rushing through her heart in a shower of interpretation.

With each step, a message;

With each moment, fear and trepidation are released and euphoria reigns on the soft skin of the dancer, chosen by the high powers to lift us higher.


Without guidance, the ballerina paints strokes on the canvas of the dance floor, releasing a bellow of silent screams.

As the final spin of the body stops, the body falls.
At rest, the ballerina is complete.

The music and the ballerina are now one,
a true blessing of art.

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