On a Ship Home – Original Poem


The seas is open and vast

It is a love affair between man and water

Quenched in its moist soft waves; powerful and mighty; soothing and inviting

In this vessel, we leave the world behind

The distance is taking control as the separation of land and water is no longer black and white

Guided only by the stars, every direction becomes an abyss of unknown potential

This boat spreads like the wings of a bird flying away to new lands

Cresting each wave like lovers kissing with all the emotion and zest of unconditional unity, the vessel sores into the night

Under the moonlight, we lie watching the universe put on a blockbuster in 3D on the Imax in the sky

The boat is our bed and the sounds of the ocean so clear


We are in an infinite moment right now where heaven and earth are now one.  It is the perfect storm where thunder, lightning, rain and winds come together to climax is complete silence

Now we breathe in with each wave in harmony and close our eyes while the boat rocks us to sleep knowing we will awaken to a new world

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