Invest in yourself…The Rewards will follow


How do I define the complete me? I think in order to do that, I need to break down the components of myself.

Let’s start there.

I am:

  • Family centric
  • Balance work, exercise and diet
  • Passionate about writing and my career
  • Believe in equality, individual choice and dreams
  • Focused on travel, understanding other cultures, books and films that make me think, black and white photography, unconditional friendship and creativity
  • Devoted to pursuing a life of happiness
  • Proud of my heritage
  • Love music

Now that we finished my dating profile, let us look at what I have done to invest in myself:

  • Published two complete collections of poetry, have a third on the way, five screenplays and a novel in the works
  • Continually looking at new trends and changes in my industry and how to evolve and growth with them
  • Never putting my friends or family second to anyone
  • Using the resources I have to help others when I can
  • Developing a strong brand to share my written and visual messages with others

Am I doing everything I can to reach my goal of happiness?

That is quite a question.  One that truly may take a lifetime to answer.

Let me see if I can outline some areas I am not:

  • I don’t expose myself enough.  I can go to book readings, writing groups, enter more competitions and send my works to agents to try and get more exposure
  • I can take more risks in my career.  Sometimes fear whether we see it or not plays a role in the choices or lack of choices we make
  • I can travel more.  I have been to Europe, Mexico, Alaska and most of the continental US and I have the resources to see so much more.  I need to do that.
  • I can spend more time talking to my family and spending good quality time
  • I can spend less time writing about dreams and more pursuing them
  • I can love more
  • I can find more balance with yoga, mental and physical exercise and learning things outside of my comfort zone

That was refreshing.


I love who I am and that is a person who is flawed with a good heart, devotion to friends, families and strangers and someone that is looking to always think positive and continue to grow.

I have visibility but am I hiding behind it?:

Is that the best we can do?


I think the bottom line is, I need to invest less in the laptop and more time to myself and the 26,000 amazing miles of frontier at my fingertips.  It all has to start with one simple step.

2 thoughts on “Invest in yourself…The Rewards will follow

  1. As always this post’s timing is perfect! Makes me look at the my life, my goals and the activities I spend my time on each day!

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