Black Hair and Penetrating Eyes – Original Poem


Her jet black hair and penetrating eyes crossed from silhouette to angel
Footsteps in the distance send shivers
Closer she comes
Each inch of her skin penetrating my soul like a dagger

It was the pain of love
Love unrecognized
Love unknown
Love so perfect

She is a visual masterpiece free from the canvas
She is the artist’s opus

Men weep for this Madonna
High on the pedestal; chiseled in stone for generations to fall to their knees

She is color where there is darkness
She is inspiration when humanity has lost its way

Soft hands heal
Lips soothes with words; words of comfort

Those eyes; the gateway to the soul

The journey down to the soft curves of the hips and thighs are the apex of an explorers manifest


I am a hitchhiker on the road of life
Without a permanent home
Seeking answers each day to questions all around

I want to dive in the pool of her desire and get swallowed in the comfort of her fantasy

With her jet black hair and penetrating eyes I am captured
Captured forever in a single moment
A moment that stopped time and defined the purity of love

I look to a star; close my eyes and let her image brand into a permanent place in my memory


Remember when……Life was simpler

Picture 001

As we get older we mature, we begin to look at the world a different way and make adjustments to our perspectives. We see more value in things we didn’t see initially when we were younger and see the importance of family, respect and love.

Picture 015

Still, we have undergone unprecedented change in the last ten plus years. Not as dramatic as the first light bulb and telephone but clearly we are seeing life and experiencing things in a way we have never before. As we look at our children, we consciously know, they will never know the life we have.

Picture 005

Maybe it is time to sit down with the little ladies and lasses and bring on a little journey to the past when things may not have been right at our fingertips but they sure brought us happiness.

Let us talk a walk on the yellow brick road of memories.  Follow me now as we journey to a time of innocence and simplicity..

Remember when…

Picture 014

    • You put a VHS tape into the VCR to watch a movie and not click a poster to stream it on Netflix

Picture 008

    • You spent hours trying to figure out Rubik’s Cube instead of spelling out a word on Words with Friends once every two hours
    • A company newsletter was printed  and handed out at staff meetings and you could flip the pages and read it; not view it on the intranet site

Picture 013

    • A card was made with construction paper, markers, lace and love, not an ecard from
    • You wrote a note on a napkin or piece of notebook paper; not a text
    • Your appointments were written in a planner with a pen, not on Google calendar

Picture 009

    • Birds weren’t angry (We love you Tweety)

Picture 004

    • Apple knew how to “Think Different” and never stop “Imagining”
    • When you won the big race or scored the game winning basket, you cut out the article in the newspaper and put it in your scrapbook; not find the URL online and share it on Facebook

Picture 003

    • You didn’t need or EHarmony to find a date; you walked up to a girl and handed her a piece of paper that said “Will you go out with me:  Yes or No”

Picture 012

  • You stood on line for hours to purchase concert tickets at Ticketmaster for bands you idolized; not buy them online, download them and scan them at the door

Picture 006

  • You sent a postcard from the amazing places you visited; not take a picture with your IPhone and Instagram it
  • When you met a boy or girl at a bar or club, you got a number on a coaster; not add them as Facebook friends and get lost in the shuffle

Picture 011

  • A photo album consisted of pictures you took that you couldn’t see for a minimum of one hour; not a digital screen of images
  • A creative image of yourself was a caricature at Disney World or the shore; not an app on your IPad that takes a picture and warps it to look cool

Picture 010

  • If you had an opinion, you would write an editorial and handed it in to the local town or school paper.  Then you were a blogger
  • MTV showed videos and network television had shows with plots, no celebrities and no sign of reality anywhere

Times were different.

Some argue life is better now; life is easier; life brings the world closer together.

Is it?

Picture 007

I liked my friends in the neighborhood that played wiffle ball until we couldn’t see the ball anymore, playing hide and seek on eight different yards, going out for Halloween and not even needing our parents, having the door unlocked at night, riding bikes instead of riding a virtual bike on Wii, buying the first baseball cards of the season during a snow storm just so you could do it first, walking into each other’s houses and eating their food, making mix tapes for our friends and girlfriends and just enjoying things a little simpler.

Picture 002