Stop – Original Poem


In the body of a dead soul these words find shelter from the cruelty of reality

Stop the madness screaming inside my head

Run to me through these frosted fields
Let the jaded edges of the ice cut your skin and heal you through the warmth of your blood

Stop the insanity that is controlling this prose

My words take me where I want to be
Closer to you; yet still so far

Stop the pain I cannot feel, but yearn for in the valley of lost feelings

I found this piece of heaven resting on my lap
Her shadow growing in the sand as the sun sets into the night
She speaks her kindness in silence
As the fire in the sky turns to darkness, your warmth comforts me from the evening chill
Angels sigh


Stop the resistance that fences me in this prison

I have finished the race that led me into your arms
The pain in my legs has subsided
I have gained the strength of a strong oak protecting the river from the terror of natures revenge

My search is over
Clues in my words led me to the ending I always dreamed about

My dream is intoxicating like the nectar of wine

First kiss
Never want to stop
The sky has opened and a spiritual lift has taken these words and spread them across the universe to be shared

I no longer have to stop
I no longer have to write

My words are now the reality in your eyes


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