Do you know how to save a life?


We are all alone wandering the world, one interaction at a time. We are born into this mystery of existence for a finite time and enter a new plane of being alone. During the moment between the first and final breath, we will make decisions, take risks and question. We will each fall and pick up the pieces to live another day.

Each moment, a new encounter; a new perspective.

Have you touched a soul so deeply that the connection changed them forever? Have you ever saved a life? Have you ever guided someone that lacked directly; giving them hope with an outstretched hand; finding promise in the darkest hour?

The greatest wealth in life is the grand gesture; the selfish act of kindness led by a pure reaction of energy fueled by love.

A decade later, we no longer talk of the destruction of September 11 but the individual stories of courage and triumph that will live on and serve as a benchmark for true heroism.


So many of us go undiscovered

So many unfulfilled

So many longing to be needed; to be yearned for.

The sign of love is not the Tiffany necklace but the way he looks in your eyes when he puts it around the soft circle of your neck. Do you know how to save a life?

Can you deal with the responsibility of seeking out a lonely heart and giving it protection, nurturing and love?


The ability to save is only achieved when:

  • You have the strength to believe you can
  • You accept that an act of heroism is simple and true
  • You no longer look in the mirror and see yourself
  • You see the act of kindness as a mutual bond and the energy shared is a power greater than the energy of one
  • You believe in something much greater than yourself
  • The music never stops playing.  It is a heartbeat, a songbird, a thank you from someone less fortunate who was blessed with your kindness.
  • You find light in a field of darkness

This is a responsibility more important and difficult than any job. This is one where the greatest reward is lifting someone to a better place.

Do you know how to save a life?

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