In tragedy there is light – Original Poem


I hugged my child today
The warmest hug I ever did feel
So safe; so warm; so tight
I could not let go

I could not release him into a world fueled by hostility and death
The fire and smoke has clouded my vision of the future

In a moment of sorrow I bowed my head

Humbled by the prospect of peace
Warmed by the heat of a new sunrise
Spiritually enlightened by humanity

My son looked up at me with sadness in his eyes
In a soft trembling voice asked me “why?”

I hesitated as I closed my eyes willing the answer in a way to sooth my child and ease my wounded heart
Words did not find their way to me


Guided by instinctive love, I looked at my son and said “you”

You are my reason for living
You are my my hero
You are are the happiness I find every morning and the final thought every night

Without you, I don’t know why

You are the meaning of my future not yet written
You are the legacy that will show the world the path to the grace of humanity

I looked at my son and once again began to believe

The smoke is gone now
No longer clouded, I find the strength to rise again and walk, hand in hand with my child to the promise of a new tomorrow.


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